It almost feels like you landed here somehow. Like you know all this stuff I always wished you could know. All this stuff you were never actually meant to know.

The likelihood is tiny, but the possibility is there. And I don’t know whether to panic or not, so I’ll continue to sit in wait with my heart pounding in my throat. Trying to pretend my mind isn’t racing and that everything is normal.

I’m almost certain you don’t have a clue. But almost isn’t ever entire.

I’d be all yours someday, you know. I wouldn’t think twice to dive in and stampede toward forever. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to laugh about this little note one day, and how you tucked it away for safe keeping. How you continued to stand a little too close, lock eyes for a little too long, and carefully tiptoe around the things you weren’t meant to know quite yet. One day maybe almost will enough.


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