Love, Poetry

Two Trees

It all stems from similarity, familiarity. Roots deepen with admiration. Growth emerges from moments of shared quiet and the coveted laughter that falls like sweet fruit between us. It doesn’t take much extra care for us to flourish, only some kindness and a little time. I just wish we were in a place to immerse… Continue reading Two Trees


Messy / Miscalculated / Maddening / Magical

Amplified. Agonizing. Better. Bolder. Building. Calculated. Careful. Close. Closer. Daring. Dreaming. Damned. Destined. Exhilarating. Enamored. Evolving. Enough. Fortunate. Fun. Festering. Gambled. Gentle. Generous. Healing. Hopeful. Honorable. Heavy. Intriguing. Instant. Imperfect. Jovial. Just. Jealous. Keen. Kindled. Kind. Limited. Lighthearted. Lonely. Messy. Miscalculated. Maddening. Magical. Natural. New. Noble. Opportune. Oblivious. Private. Personal. Quiet. Real. Romanticized. Renewed. Raw.… Continue reading Messy / Miscalculated / Maddening / Magical



I was right about the writing. Penning words for you has proven complicated. The more I pour out, the more they build up. Soon we’ll have a situation on our hands, though I wonder if there’s already one in your mind. Have you noticed my battle of wills playing out in your shadow lately? Have… Continue reading Situation



The slowest getting-to-know-you phase in the world. I suppose it’s because we’re so quiet. Not a lot to say, and no pressure to fill the space with noise. No nervous chatter, no small talk or bullshit. So it’s slow, yes, but it’s been exactly what I’ve always hoped for.


Summer Storm

Heat lightning turns to the real thing, just a little ways north. But straight up, neck craned to the sky, I can still see the stars. Just like that, I’m back in the driveway with my head on your lap and your fingers tracing promises through my hair. Even though it’s been years, these showy… Continue reading Summer Storm