Smoke & Ash

I didn't want to end up here. I didn't want to talk about it or write about it or do anything else that would make it real. But as we know, you can't always have what you want. Two years ago I was at my worst, absolutely annihilated by the departure of someone I loved. … Continue reading Smoke & Ash



Perhaps you've noticed I'm not around as much as I used to be. Or maybe you haven't - that's just as well. These days, I open blank documents and can't even look at them long enough to get frustrated. I'm distracted and distanced, and the need to spill my guts to a handful of strangers … Continue reading Absence.

Worth It.

Poking and prodding, nudging and shaking, pressing my icy cold feet into your legs in an effort to stir you. "It's already past 5:30," I whisper. You groan a response but fall immediately back into soft drifting snores. I continue. More alarms go off. There's only one left now - the real thing - and … Continue reading Worth It.

Gone by morning

What if we ran away? I mean it. What if we packed up the dogs, loaded up the trucks and your trailer, and just left this town in the rearview? No trace of us beyond a cloud of dust. Wouldn't that be something? It scared me at first, hearing that thought squeeze past your lips, … Continue reading Gone by morning

I wish I’d say so

I want to apologize. I know you'd rather I didn't, but I can't keep keeping this to myself. So please, just this once, hear me out. I'm not good at this yet. I do love you - tremendously, recklessly, endlessly - but I struggle when I try to say so. As wordy and poetic as … Continue reading I wish I’d say so

Nowhere Else To Be

He watched over me, made sure I was eating and sleeping and smiling enough. He coaxed me out of the house from time to time and even introduced me to people who mattered. I don't know what I could have done to deserve his affection or even what it was about me that ever captured … Continue reading Nowhere Else To Be

Wildflower Lungs

"You bring out some kind of storm in me," I told him, ashes still dancing from the fires he set in my eyes. "I like that you didn't run from it." "Run?" he repeated, startled. "Angel, I couldn't turn away from this if I wanted to. I don't think this is really a runner's sport. … Continue reading Wildflower Lungs