Brother In Arms

I feel closest to you during the hard moments. The tough silences. The times of broken spirits. I feel a camaraderie when we are washed over with grief together. Whether or not the core of the tragedy is ours, our shared proximity to it still means our own little world gets rocked or shattered or… Continue reading Brother In Arms


Wild / Weightless

Shrinking hips pull and twist, magnetized. They always know when you’re close. My lips part involuntarily and a quiet gasp escapes through gritted teeth past a sex-starved tongue. Oh, and the want tastes ageless. It’s like that old bourbon I brought you, but even more intoxicating. The stubble and the heat and the crooked-cornered grin.… Continue reading Wild / Weightless



Maybe I don’t know what I want, but I can say with certainty that this isn’t it. A steady decline into a bottomless, numbing pit of resentment. No memory at all of feeling supported. Feelings of any kind are distant, really. I’ve been at the end of my rope for longer than you would ever… Continue reading Bottomless

Love, Poetry

Maybe Someday

I think of a Maybe Someday, and it looks like late spring. Sunny and warm enough but not too hot. A breeze that you can’t even notice, but that keeps you comfortable. Everything is easy like that. It looks like a lake, probably one that you know well. Maybe Someday is distant, but not unimaginable.… Continue reading Maybe Someday