New, But Not

I may be beaming at the thought of you, giggling through 1am conversations, and risking a heart attack every single time we kiss. I may be interested, may be involved, may be infatuated. I may be thinking that I stumbled into something truly spectacular when I reached out to you. But soon I'm going to … Continue reading New, But Not


Mean Streak

I was black eyes and insomnia and you were rewound tapes of suicide. It felt good, the way we fit together, the way we wronged together. We were raw and mean and selfish about it. Kindness never knew us, so we never could be bothered to try. But God, there's something about a mean streak … Continue reading Mean Streak

Hope from a caring, kind almost-stranger

Sometimes I wake up all out of hope. There are sleepless nights that exhaust me to the point that I would sooner implode than do it all over again tomorrow. It's hard to exist sometimes. Not just for me, but everyone. Sometimes we need a break. The only thing I regret about you is the … Continue reading Hope from a caring, kind almost-stranger

Still Is

It's not that you broke your promise...just that it was nonspecific. When you swore you'd be back, that you'd still stick around for me, you didn't tack on a day or time. And how could you? Where our paths split, life was looking pretty crazy. It would have been silly to think we could know … Continue reading Still Is

We could swing it

Yes, what you heard is true. I talk to myself. I, being me, enjoy having make-believe conversations with myself, being you. We talk about everything under the sun. We've been lovers and friends and strangers all over again. I'm hoping to decide what we might be when it's all said and done. The others don't … Continue reading We could swing it

strangers who belong

I'm so excited to meet you, and something tells me it's happening sooner than later now. It's like there's a tension in the air of paths about to cross, and it's electrifying and frustrating and nerve-wracking but it's amazing. I'm in a constant state of see-you-soon, of always being ready, being eager to open the … Continue reading strangers who belong

On feeling forgotten

  It tastes like a staleness in once-electrified space, and reminds me of the night I wasn't able to kiss you goodbye.  I sit around in this room and see all of these pieces - proof that you were here, that you made an impact, that people loved you. I sit here and I wonder … Continue reading On feeling forgotten