I want to know you better, even if I can’t know you best. I want to get the facts and not always have to guess. I want to be your one that stuck around after years have gone by. I want to be a place to laugh and a place to confide. I want to take your pain and wash it all away. I want be the light in a miserable day. I want your best and I want your worst too. I want you to see I was made for you. I want life to treat you well and to keep you coming back. I want your faith to shine, but lust is burning black. I want to be a soft place to land when seas are rough. I want everyone to see it, but never speak up. I want to always give you more than I take. I want to show you love in a billion ways. I want to tell myself that I’m losing my mind. I want the world to find a way to make you mine. I want to know you better, and I have to come clean. I want to rock your world, whatever that might mean.


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