On my hands and knees, right as you walk by. Light on your feet, diverting your eyes. Pretend not to notice. Can’t let yourself stare. But I would, and you can – it only seems fair.

My mind willingly wanders, turns up the heat. Move slowly, imagine what you’d do to me. Your hands on my hips, or one in my hair…Mmhmm, just envision me gasping for air.

And you, with your scruff and your sweat and your sex. Let’s take the fantasy out of our heads. A closet, your desk, the bare tile floors. I’d fuck you senseless and beg you for more.

Time would stand still when I held on to you. All the fiery, the forbidden, the dark, dirty truth. Maybe someday we’d scream to the world you were mine. Until then, you’d have to keep my tongue tied.

Hands and knees, I feel you lean in again. Can’t you see how I tremble? Beg to give in. Surely you’ve made fucked up choices before… this time, wont you take me on the bare tile floor.

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