I want to know your wild side. The untucked, untied, uncensored. Show me everything about you that you think I shouldn’t see.

Drop the act and act on instinct. Primal, without hesitation. Reach for my wrists, my neck, my hips, then grip me like I’m the only thing tying you to earth. Scrape your teeth along my collarbones and bury your heaviest thoughts in their divots. Take a moment to feel my heart pound out of my chest. Anticipation and angst. A hunger and a lust built over minutes and years.

Show me the side of you that could ruin me. I can imagine the fervent, desperate notes in your hushed voice. The way my name would huff out of your throat in a deep moan. I ache at the thought of it, play it over and over again in my mind.

Everything you think you shouldn’t be, barreling through bent bars and heading for sin city.

You’re due for a relapse; let it be me.

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