My motivation is a secret, but maybe not-so-secret to you. Perhaps you can tell that my body breathes a sigh of relief when you walk into view.

I wanna be ready, I wanna look good. I want your quiet, sly attention. I want people to think, “wow, they’d be cute,” in case we ever met the occasion.

I’ll boil myself down to the barest roots of my soul until it’s all you can see. The desire, the want, the mayhem. The thought of your aching body over me.

I want to know those deep, dark thoughts that rattle around in your head. Are they wicked? Do they scare you? Do they end with you here in my bed?

I’d like to hold you for a moment, just enough to know the feel of your heartbeat. And to make you wonder, on your own, what life would feel like next to me.

You’re my what-if-maybe-someday, and if I got even half a chance to be your girl….I swear to anything you might believe in, I’ll be ready to rock your world.

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