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Awake together, alone together

I’ve been up all night already and only now are you settling into my mind. Unusual. Where have you been, love?

I’m sure you’re asleep. You’re resting up for another day, another end to another week. You’ll stand up tomorrow and I will eventually cross your mind. Something will remind you that I belong there.

Deep breath. Your mouth twitches at the corners, fighting a smile. It’s a smile you don’t want to have to explain, so instead you keep it quiet. I chuckle at the thought of it.

Back to reality. It’s 2:07am, and I close my eyes. Not tired, but lonely. I imagine the heat beside me is yours.

Perhaps you stumbled to mind all at once because now, suddenly, you’re up too. Is that how this works? Are we awake together, alone together? Did you wake with a start from a dream that I starred in? Did the hushed sigh of my wonder tickle your ear?

Call me a fool, but what else is left to wonder? I’ve crawled through every steamy fantasy and replayed each touch so many times they’re all but burned into my memory now. Awake and lonely and wanting, and the missing piece is shaped precisely like you.

Another sigh. Sleep tight.

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