Love, Poetry

Two Trees

It all stems from similarity, familiarity. Roots deepen with admiration. Growth emerges from moments of shared quiet and the coveted laughter that falls like sweet fruit between us.

It doesn’t take much extra care for us to flourish, only some kindness and a little time. I just wish we were in a place to immerse ourselves in it. To really, fully enjoy it. To climb into the little world that’s erupted between us.

But we’re mostly stuck sitting back, watching as limbs secretly tangle from time to time. I regret the distance, but it’s critical when the neighbors are known to grow thorns. I regret that we downplay something so grand just because we happened to be planted so close together.

I’d be happy to grow into your reach for the rest of our days here. And if the world would will it, I hope those days are numbered too high to count. Give me a million little tree rings, and etch your name into every one.

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