Think hurricane, think earthquake

When the quiet turns to electricity after everyone’s peeled away, what’ll I do? When it’s just me and you and we’re desperate for the sparks to short out on their own, what do we do?

I can feel it building. Think hurricane, think earthquake. Big and chaotic and… life-changing.

We hide it well. So well that we’re nearly keeping ourselves fooled. But lately, in the moments that we’re alone, the want is palpable. We can taste it. It’s in every bead of sweat and it’s behind every accidental brush of a hand.

It’s been hard work to keep it contained, compressed into a tiny, glowing star of….well, wrongs. I was never too interested in physics but I think it’s bound to blow up eventually, right? Entropy and all that, you know.

So what will we do? Am I going to have to walk away? Do we both stay huddled together in the rubble when it comes crashing down? Do I take all the blame because I have less to lose?

We both know the spark will survive an outage, no matter how big the storm. No matter how hard we wish for it to short out on its own.

The quiet hums with the buzz of curiosity. I tell myself not to worry just yet – we’re landlocked and hundreds of miles from a fault line.

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