Worth It.

Poking and prodding, nudging and shaking, pressing my icy cold feet into your legs in an effort to stir you. “It’s already past 5:30,” I whisper. You groan a response but fall immediately back into soft drifting snores. I continue. More alarms go off. There’s only one left now – the real thing – and I’m determined to be on time this morning whereas your slumber-drunk self is only determined to fight off consciousness.

“Wake up, babe. It’s Friday, it’s our early day.” More grumbles. I throw a leg over your hip and tap my fingers along your once-broken collarbone. “For real. We can’t keep sleeping.”

“Yes huh,” you argue, shifting onto your stomach and stretching your legs. Then you fall onto your left side and pull me into your chest. We both know I can’t pass up a chance to bask in your body heat. But after a moment, you roll over to face the dog who’d curled up at your back. “Ro, you’re gonna have to move. I’ve gotta pee.”

The dog stays put, so you roll your body over the top of mine and pause for two quick kisses before shuffling across the carpeted floor to the bathroom. I sigh happily and let my eyes close for just a moment. Or two or three. I swore I’d get up and follow suit as soon as you were done. But next thing I know, you’re diving back into bed and pulling the comforter over our heads. I begin to protest, but you know exactly how to shut me up.

I knew there wasn’t enough time. I knew it would make us late. I knew there were a million other things I needed to do before I punched my timecard in a mere half hour, but not a single one of them was even half as appealing.

Your lips find mine, parting them needily. Your hands waste no time travelling the body that is still barren from the night before. I match you pulse for pulse and we quickly tear into one another. It’s…fervent. There’s no rush for time, only a desperate need for you.

The only part I regret is not getting to cuddle after, but it’s already twenty minutes past time to get up. I grin as we get dressed in a hurry. You take the dogs out while I prepare their breakfast, and we’re right in the middle of a goodbye kiss when your phone rings. It’s your dad. He has no idea that you’re half naked in the middle of your girlfriend’s kitchen about to be late for work on your second day, and I can’t help giggling. Everything is good, even if some things are a mess. Sometimes you just need to be reminded of your priorities.


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