Still Is

It’s not that you broke your promise…just that it was nonspecific. When you swore you’d be back, that you’d still stick around for me, you didn’t tack on a day or time. And how could you? Where our paths split, life was looking pretty crazy. It would have been silly to think we could know ahead of time when we’d most need one another. Apparently we don’t yet, and I’m glad to know you must be doing okay. So don’t mistake this note as a bitter jumble of hard feelings. I’m not angry. You said you’d be back and you will. 

In the meantime, I’m surprised to find that I’m not picking up pieces of a broken heart. For some reason – probably out of habit – I assumed I would crumble under the pressure of your departure. I thought I would break and call it love when it had already turned to dust. I sat here like a stone and waited for it hit me, to break me, to take over. And while I do think of you all the time and miss you more each day, it was never a matter of life or death when you walked away. I didn’t fall in love with you, not like that. And so my heart didn’t break, at least not like that.

See, what we knew as us was fucking incredible, still is. So much so that a few little changes in circumstance couldn’t begin to tear this down. So you’re a little farther away. So we don’t see each other every day anymore. That’s okay. What we found in our relationship is so much greater than a little hiccup like this. Life is fleeting, but we are inevitable.

Yeah, I hope to see you soon. I miss you, plain and simple… or not-so-simple. Call me a friend, call me a love-not-lover, call me a soulmate. It doesn’t matter what word you want to slap onto this. It’s magic in one form or another, so it’s here to stay. There’s an ebb and flow in fate, there’s a magnetism in attraction, and there’s a pattern in anything built to last. See, it was never about a promise. You swore you’d be back, but you knew there was no other choice.



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