We could swing it

Yes, what you heard is true. I talk to myself. I, being me, enjoy having make-believe conversations with myself, being you.

We talk about everything under the sun. We’ve been lovers and friends and strangers all over again. I’m hoping to decide what we might be when it’s all said and done.

The others don’t get it, and sometimes they lash out. We’ve tried pretending they’re jealous, but I’m not sure that’s really what this is about.

In my head, we were perfect. A mismatch only due to time. A decade of difference and no doubt, you’d have been mine.

In my head, it’d be worth it – all the whispers and stares. You always did like to tell me how we made such a notable pair.

In my head, you’re coming back. You can’t stand this being away. You’ll show up on my doorstep saying what I couldn’t say.

In my head, we could swing it. I’ve got nothing to lose. But that’s easy to say when it’s just me here speaking for you.

So I talk to myself, trying to wade through this rubble. What is this mess? It wasn’t love and I never fell but I guess I did sort of stumble.

I guess I just wanted answers, and I wasn’t sure if you’d find a way. I thought that if I could rehearse it alone, we’d end up being in agreement like always.

So is what I’ve heard true? Do you still kick yourself for it, wish you’d stopped to reassess the regret? Because I sure as hell do.



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