strangers who belong

I’m so excited to meet you, and something tells me it’s happening sooner than later now. It’s like there’s a tension in the air of paths about to cross, and it’s electrifying and frustrating and nerve-wracking but it’s amazing. I’m in a constant state of see-you-soon, of always being ready, being eager to open the door to you. It’s a new feeling. I tend to be bad at opening up and letting people in, but once in a while, I just know. Sometimes there are strangers who belong.

And that’s what you seem to be. Somehow we haven’t had to meet for me to realize that you’ve got a way about you that I am bound to adore. It’s never crossed my mind to doubt your genuine spirit or so much as wonder if you’ve got a good heart. Because of course you do – you’re you. I’ve been hoping for someone to walk into my life and offer a steady hand as I heal, and surely no God we know would send in another man with lousy grip and wandering eyes. Call me crazy for it but you could be damn near everything I need, and maybe I’m something you need, too.

Time will tell, I suppose, whether or not fate is on our side. Maybe I’ll catch you before a bar gig a state or two over and you’ll decide to sing a song for me, or perhaps I’ll bump into you in a holiday crowd at a busy outdoor shopping mall and sparks will fly with the snowflakes. Maybe we’ll get coffee even though I don’t drink coffee, or maybe we’ll find a quiet place to just talk until we run out of daylight. There are billions upon billions of ways this could all play out, and I’m just praying for one.


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