You’re an important one, you know.

Once you realize the hostility of our surroundings, it starts to make sense. It becomes no wonder that we stuck like glue when we finally allowed ourselves to come face-to-face. Two guarded people with a few secrets but good hearts…who don’t pretend to know it all, and who maybe don’t even want to. Two people who want to believe that the world is a kind place, but who haven’t known that to be true for a while now. We’re two people who, in all likelihood, never should have met. But we did, and that matters.

Before I ever knew your piercing eyes or low-rumbling voice, I’d only heard negative things. Somehow, this somebody didn’t want the world for you. She didn’t have a reason, but it was clear that she didn’t want me to have anything to do with you. And I can’t lie, it made me a little wary. But in time I learned that my caution lies in her motives, not yours, and I’ve got nothing but trust for you. People like us, we figure things out quickly and quietly, speaking on them only when necessary. So again, it’s no surprise that we fall into each other when the world starts splitting at its seams.

Timing wasn’t our friend before, but maybe we can call a truce. And things aren’t as simple as they might be for other people, but perhaps that’s the point. There’s still so much to sort through and to learn and to chase. We get to decide whether this is fate or coincidence, and then we get to choose how to cherish it. We don’t have to use words. I just wanted you to know that even if this is all we get to be, I’ve loved every moment. You’re a fucking treasure. And I’ll be damned if anyone tries to convince me otherwise ever again.


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