Doomsday / Easy

I know the exact moment I was doomed to fall under your spell. It wasn’t when we met, though. In fact, our initial encounters were notably standoffish. Nevermind that we literally ran into each other half a dozen times, it took a formal third-party introduction to force us to say hello. That was our first day.

Day Two came a little while later, and you quizzed me on something mundane, something that didn’t actually have any pull on you or I or us. It was just a formality. We went on more or less ignoring one another, busy with other things and other thoughts.

On Day Three, I asked you for some help. You were quick to assist and strong in your approach. I liked that you set out to get things done. I thanked you, thinking you’d turn away and go back to your own chores, but you didn’t. You stuck around and quizzed me some more, but about other things. Important things. And you didn’t flinch when I quizzed you back.

Days Five and Six were uneventful. Having become actual acquaintances, we no longer ignored each other’s presence. We could work side by side in silence and not skip a beat. But if I had a problem, you fixed it. And if you needed a hand, I offered it.

But it wasn’t until Day Seven that something went off inside of me. I stopped by just in time to catch you on your way out the door. I saw your eyes change and I saw your feet stumble ever-so-slightly as you came to a stop. Spinning around, you walked with me and filled me in on what had been your worst day there in a while. You wished I’d been there, you said, because it all would have been….easier. I cocked my head, and my heart raced the words to the tip of my tongue. “Me too.”

You quickly patted me on the shoulder, wished me luck, and wondered aloud about the next day we would spend together. It wasn’t for nearly a week. You smiled sadly with your eyes, waved at me with your fingers rather than your hand, and sauntered out the door to your car. And from that moment on, I’ve had no thought but how to make you happy, how to be your easy.


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