Enough to make you wonder


I’ll be upfront with you. I feel potential in a way that I don’t think I’ve known before. Maybe it’s that we haven’t even had a true conversation yet and I’m just naive. But maybe instead it’s that even though we haven’t had a real conversation yet, I feel something promising. I sense a real possibility of good things happening in a world where our paths collide. Call me crazy if you want to, I don’t mind. I can be crazy if it means not missing out on something spectacular and authentic.

You fascinate me, to say the least. Maybe it’s a jackpot of hidden similarities that are waiting to be uncovered, or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe we are so different that every word we could speak to one another would be a learning experience. Both sound phenomenal, both could be life-changing. And isn’t that something worth exploring?

I’ll concede that the circumstances aren’t the greatest. Conflicting schedules and a hundred and thirty-some odd miles backing the odds that are already stacked against us….that’s intimidating. In fact, that sounds a whole lot like something I said I didn’t want to do again. But it’s funny because none of it seems so impossible now, not when the  stakes are changed. You’re really something special, I think, and no one earns anything worthwhile by playing it safe. All the best stories get kind of messy from time to time.

So this is your heads up. When I smile and say hello, when I introduce myself and mention that, wow, it would be cool to get to know you, know that I mean it. Know that it took more courage than my tank can hold to suggest such a thing, so please don’t make me feel a fool. I know I won’t be the first girl to suggest that there’s chemistry to explore, but I might just be different enough to make you wonder.

I can’t wait to see you.



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