A.M. – Good Morning

I knew better. I knew that the whispered nothings would be something, and I knew that too many of the details would still matter in the morning. I mean, it’s me we’re talking about. There are always strings attached.

But I couldn’t say no. I couldn’t run the risk of missing my chance with someone like you, even if it wasn’t a chance at something sustainable. Time has taught me how to feign apathy, and it’s a mask I wear well now.

You’re different though. You forgot to speed away into the night. You forgot to forget my name. You forgot that this is the part where everything ends before it ever begins. 

I thought I knew better. I never imagined someone else prioritizing a person the way I can, so it never occurred to me that that’s what I need. I need strings attached and I need knots tied in them sometimes. I need genuine nights and I need mornings after. I need someone who won’t mind that I care too much about too many things, and I need someone who won’t flinch if I throw out the mask.

All this time, I’ve been needing someone like you. I’m sorry I assumed you would only live up to my past; it’s a habit I need to break. But if you’ll have me, I would be happy to learn, explore, and care about you way too much.


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