No matter how far or fast

God made you a runner. He gave you the ache to escape yourself as well as many of us who love you. He was stingy when it came your turn to receive inner peace. He was particular about your atomic make-up and careful in planting your sweet, old soul in that rugged, quiet body. You were not built to stay here.

But God also gave you a safe place to run to. It took a long time to get there and there was a lot of cleaning up to do upon arrival, but He gave you a place where you could grow. And I’m jealous.

You see, God gave me an old soul, too. He pieced me together so that I would be able to jump through hoops and navigate the pathless places. But he didn’t offer me a sense of belonging. He didn’t have a big voice for me or very much confidence, but He still smiles when I wake up each day. God created me to grow into my faith, and He doesn’t mind my endless questions.

And while God may have made you a runner, He made me patient. He has assured me that everything will come together in its own time. Even now, with my life in pieces, as messy as it’s ever been, I know it’s all still there somewhere. It’ll make sense someday.

And no matter how far or fast you run, God gave me you once. He trusted me to help you along your way and vice versa. He loved us enough to put a knot in our paths, and no matter how long it’s been, I’ll always have a hand out just for you to hold.


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