I should’ve been there

I wonder if you felt it too, that twinge of hurt that echoed louder with every mile further that you drove away. I should have been in that seat beside you. I should’ve been there, man.

You’d invited me along once, back before you lost sight of us. Remember that?  You wanted me there with you, amidst your family, laughing at absolutely everything and soaking up the sunshine. I was so excited to feel that close to you. We would’ve had a hell of a time together. I mean, I hope you still had fun, but I also hope you missed me.

Meanwhile, I’m back home. Well, not home home. But I’m here where you last saw me. Last hug, last kiss, last time I heard your voice. I’m pretty tired of lasts, especially when they’ve yet to fade into the background, but I can’t exactly run from them right now. Perhaps that’s why I can’t give you up. Maybe it would be easier with some distance… I doubt it, but maybe.

Anyway, I hope you can get that aloe vera slathered over your sunburnt back without my help. I hope the warmth worked to heal you, even just a little bit. You’re still my favorite, even though you left me behind.



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