Fortune Teller

What if I told you that I’m not the one? Would you still let life run its course with me, or are you more concerned about wasting time?

If you go, you move on to the next girl. She might be the one, but she might not. You won’t know until you know, and it’s hard to say if you’re really even saving much time at all by fast forwarding through us. Maybe we would’ve fizzled out soon anyway. Or, who knows, maybe you’re jumping years into your future. Maybe you’ll be ready for that. Maybe you won’t.

If you stay, there will still come an end. It’ll probably really hurt, and it might leave you wondering if love will ever find you again. There will be all kinds of could-haves and should-haves and wondering if I was worth it. Wondering why you bothered with me at all. I’ll tell you why. 

You stayed because I still held lessons that you couldn’t get anywhere else. I had important things to teach you about love, about life, about fate, and about yourself. I let you learn how to hold me so that your hands might be steadier on the next. I made you open up to me so that you could see that it doesn’t always backfire to be vulnerable. You won’t always crash and burn. I begged you to never forget me because I want you to remember all the good. There is always a silver lining, I swear.

Forever can’t work out for everyone. It’s just the way it goes. The odds are against us, same as everyone else. So, tell me, am I worth your wasted time? Can you look me in the eye and promise to never regret me?



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