Over, Not Done

What do you say to the person you can’t get over? What do you do when your heart screams “I miss you,” but your lips fear the backlash that so often follows those little words? How can an ex-lover be an ex-lover when I still love him? What can possibly bring a sense of finality to someone who was taught again and again to never give up hope? When does it stop feeling like I’ve been bled and hollowed out? When do I get to sleep at night again? How can I make him see it from my perspective? What will it take to win him back? How can it actually be over when I’m not done? Who says he gets the final say in the matter? What happens if he was wrong and we actually were made for one another? Then what? What if fate doesn’t want to reward us a second chance? Am I surviving this merely on the thread of hope that it might?


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