Fate // One Way Ticket

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that there’s no such thing as coincidence. At least not in the big stuff. Not in love.

Everything that happens is supposed to happen, even when the timing feels bad. And when it seems too good to be true. The second you start to wonder whether or not something was meant to be is the moment you lose the magic. Your doubts won’t change the course you’re on. Your calculated decisions won’t assure that you’ll never feel lost or broken. Fate is a one way ticket. It’s a trip into the unknown, with an itinerary kept secret from the passenger. 

Sometimes there are stops. You can get up, stretch your legs a bit, and take in the scenery. You may meet people. They’ll tell you about the ride they’ve taken so far. They may try to tell you to jump the railing, but don’t listen. They only say those things out of fear. But everyone’s journey crosses a wasteland or two. Everyone sees some ugly stuff in between the mountains and oceans.

Maybe someday there’ll be someone who steps onto your train and stands there smiling. This is a soulmate. Love him well, and cherish the stretch of life that you share together. He may not stay long. In fact, he may not stay at all. But perhaps you’ll see him again one day, running a course parallel to yours. He’ll call out to you over the treetops, and you’ll wave back at him. He crosses your mind more often than he crosses your path, and that’s okay. Someday, those memories will be crucial in unlocking your destiny.

Eventually, you’ll grow tired of hum of iron wheels on the track. You may wonder if you’re riding in circles, if your engineer has abandoned you. I hope that, if this happens, you’ll ride it out. There are clear stretches ahead.

When the train slows and you look down at your wrinkled hands, you’ll think back to all the stops you made along the way. You’ll remember the sights and smells, the vastness and breathtaking beauty of it all. You’ll remember the people you met along the way and how so many of them had given you tiny pieces of their hearts. They made you whole. What you won’t notice is the pile of things you’ve accumulated. Or the calendar full of meetings you missed. When the wheels come rolling to an end, you’ll turn that ticket over in your hands and I hope you’ll smile.

There’s no way that a life this good could be the result of coincidence. Not when it was so full of love.


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