Just a few reminders

In case you forgot –

You’re the person I would want to watch the world end with.
There’s not a soul in the universe I love more.
You’re the one I tell my secrets to.
There’s no one else out there who knows me like you do.
You’re the reason I buy crunchy peanut butter.
There’s nothing like seeing the little things that make you smile.
You’re the man I want to marry someday.
There’s no doubt in my mind that you’d make a handsome groom.
You’re the one I’d like beside me when I set out to chase dreams.
There’s no quitting when you’re here to push me.
You’re the guy I can picture as the father of my children.
There’s no part of that that isn’t a big deal.
You’re the only person who’s allowed to tickle me.
There’s no exception.
You’re the best reason I have to push forward and make memories.
There’s so much still in store for us, and I so hope you’ll stay.


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