Come Back // Next Time

A good man keeps his word, and you’re no exception.
Unfortunately, you made a deal that keeps you away
too long, too far, too often.
But you promised them you’d be there.
And I understand.
Because I promised you the same thing, and I’d never break it.
Do I wish you could stay? More than anything.
Will I ask if you’ve changed your mind? Yes, more than once.
But do I hold it against you when you leave? Never.
I hate goodbyes, but each one is proof that you’re worth waiting for.
You’re not paper thin promises and long forgotten maybes;
no, you’re better than that.
You’re better than me. And you make me better.
I miss you with a vengeance that I can’t hide.
I don’t tell you so just to make it hurt. I promise you that.
I tell you so because “I miss you” is a lot like “I love you”
but a little bit safer.
It’s kind of like a thank you for the time that we do get,
sort of a reminder that you’re worth it all.
I’m not bitter that you left, just that I couldn’t go too.
But I know you’ll do great things,
so please come back with adventures and stories.
Come back and hug me like that again.
Come back soon.
Come back, say that next time is a promise
because I know I can count on you.


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