In our season together, we’ve gathered a bit of an audience. Your family, my friends, anyone in between who’s heard of our outings. People watch us. Some are thrilled for us, and they make me incredibly happy. Their support serves as further evidence that we made the right choice. Meanwhile, others are biting at the bars, hoping we’re about to spiral to our end. They like to whisper malicious things, try to tell us we’re a bad pair even if it feels like a good match. They all scream that we’re not perfect, so we may as give up now. They chant again and again that we’re wasting our time.

But they’re wrong.

We haven’t once claimed to be flawless. If “perfect match” was ever uttered, it meant perfect for each other, not overall. We have our problems. We’ve both had doubts and insecurities. There have been some days where things have been too intense, and I’ve prayed so hard that I cried. There have been nights so lonely that I was sure you’d just been a dream. But despite all of that, we still stick together. We’re not perfect, but we are committed. We are loyal. We are in this for real.

Everyone makes mistakes. Ours are not lackluster. We take our blunders with a grain of salt and learn to appreciate their shine. We dig through the rubble to find the lesson. We examine our faults and eventually teach one another how to love them. We have stories within us and between us still to unfold. We’re not always right – in fact, we’re often wrong – but we have an agreement to understand.

There are a lot of spectators in life. Happiness and authenticity will always draw a crowd. Thrill and sacrifice and risk will always be trailed by doubt. It’s always going to be a mixed audience. Someone is always rooting for the other team. Someone will always be there grimacing as everyone else cheers. Sometimes that someone will win. But not with us. We have the support of many and two hearts that refuse to quit. We can’t lose if we don’t know how to give up.


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