All Heart & Shrapnel

I know how to plaster on a smile when the occasion calls for one, but I’ve never had it in me to pretend any deeper than the surface.

I don’t do plastic feelings.
I don’t construct emotional facades.
Everything cuts deep.
I bleed all over everyone I feel for, good or bad.
I love like it’s all I can do.

If you want to take advantage of that, I can’t stop you. I won’t fog my vision just to let your shitty decisions slide by. If you want to hurt me, you’ll watch it happen. You’ll smell the blood all the way home. It’ll haunt you…at least a little bit.

Because if I’m going to love you as hard as I love, and give you everything I have to give, I don’t owe you a soft landing. I’m all heart and shrapnel. There’s nothing cookie cutter about me.


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