Break Room

I’ll use my words to build you a safe space
An escape from everything that you’re sick of facing
There’s no shame in taking a breather, Love
It’s okay to want to be alone when you can’t stop your mind racing
Construct a spot that no one else knows
Pin up words of encouragement and love on every wall
Keep it a secret, that’s fine with me
But please don’t hesitate to feel things just because you’re afraid to fall
I’ll turn my love into a break room
But the key’s all yours, so let me back in when you’re ready
I’ll be here waiting with two open arms
I’m ready to be your rock and a source of your steady
Whatever you need, I can give you
And if I can’t, I swear I’ll find some way to improvise
We’re riding this out for each other
Because, babe, I can still see forever in your eyes


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