When I Think Of You

When I think of you, I see a future. I’ve always seen a future. It used to be dotted with cutesy nicknames and romantic evenings together. It used to include vows and maybe even children. I used to believe we were destined only for one another. Things have changed though, and now I know that narrow path was just a result of a couple of hearts wearing blinders. But still, I see a future with you in it. I see you across the table at lunch every other Tuesday. I picture you on my living room floor as we work together on some project we’ll inevitably construct and probably later abandon. I imagine you in the third row at my wedding someday, wearing that same genuine smile you always have. 

When I found you, I put my trust in fate. It’s seldom that I meet someone and actually consider that maybe it was meant to be. Very few of my encounters with strangers have even begun to flip my world inside out the way you did. Something as strong and unique as this cannot be a result of coincidence. It’s not just chance. One way or another, our paths were going to cross. I’m so grateful that they did, and that they managed to tangle and knot into such an intricate and meaningful bond. I think of everything we could have been to one another, and I’m thrilled to be what we are.

When I’m with you, I believe in the miracle of the everyday. You show me again and again that there is beauty in the smallest, most mundane things out there. You smile because you’re happy, not just because someone’s watching. You talk to me about the stars, floods, and the lightning bugs. You call me in the middle of the night just because I was on your mind and you thought I might be awake and could use some company. You remind me to escape my comfort zone, but you like to stick around and chill when I decide to stay in it. I love the way that we can talk just to talk. And I love the way that our silence is comfortable.

When I look at you, I see a friend. With all we’ve been through, together and as individuals, it’s a wonder we never gave up. I see someone who knows how to make me laugh, as well as how to listen when I finally open up. I see a heart of gold in a person who is isn’t afraid to be broken. You are so much more than a person. You’re one of the greatest friends a girl could ever imagine finding, let alone keeping. You’re a constant in my life when everything else moves too fast. You’re a confidante, a hand to hold, and a piece of heart outside of my body.

When I think of you, I see a treasure. You may look like a diamond in the rough to others, but I wouldn’t ask you to change a thing. We may be something else, but we’re something damn good.


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