Rest Easy

I can’t fathom how I could ever live through your death
If I ever received the call that said I’d never get another call from you
If I ever walked away from disaster only to turn back and find you didn’t make it out
If I ever found out you just came home for the very last time
Even if you gave all to save someone else
Even if you gave all to save me
I don’t see how I could pick up the pieces and be whole again
You are so much a part of me that doing without would be fraudulent
And life with another is forever out of the question

Memories can’t hold a candle to your smile pressed against mine
Photographs are pathetic compared to our everyday adventures
There’s none of your laughter lingering in that old voicemail recording
I just know your scent would fade away from your pillow far too quickly
And I’d see your face in every mirror in this goddamn house
I need you here – on the phone, in our bed, facing the mirrors

Life has a devilish way of just ending for the ones who live it best
It snaps in half and leaves the left-behinds here to lose their minds in front of everyone
It reminds the rest of us that it may only be a matter of time
So tonight when I hold you a little bit closer, don’t ask me why
It’s for the woman whose bed is half-empty tonight
And tomorrow night and every aching night after that
I will love you harder every moment until death can’t see us anymore


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