How Could I Forget

Of course I could never forget you. We’re too good of friends for that. We have too many inside jokes, too many months of laughter tucked into our lungs. We lit ourselves a fire, and even if it does go all the way out someday, I’ll always know your warmth.

I will never forget the way you unraveled me. You knew exactly how to hook me and the rest is history. Every little thing you said and did, and every single thing that we became – that’s all woven into me now. The rope from your lifeboat is stitched into my heart.

I will never forget how you took care of me. Even when I fought you on it, you always kept me from myself. The pure and evident concern you showed for my safety was something I’d never known before.

I will never forget the way you bombarded me. From the first hour we spent talking, I was basking in our sparks. The electricity when you bumped into me nearly brought me to my knees. And my insides filled with glass butterflies the first time your hands made my shoulders home.

I will never forget the way you watched me. Your eyes were full of questions – the hard ones and serious ones – but you always knew when not to ask them. It was the first time someone was careful not to break me, and it was strange but it was good. You were so, so good.

I will never forget your persistent crooked smile. You saw me laughing more often than you didn’t, and trust me when I say that’s a miracle. And it’s all because of you. I don’t know where I’d be without you.

One look from you and I was gone. It’s smiling so hard that my face hurts by bedtime. It’s laughing so honestly that I lose my breath. You’ve always had such incredible power over me that way, and you’ve never once abused it.


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