Wind Chimes

I never wanted to fall in love with a laugh like wind chimes. I never understood that simile either. Wind chimes are an obstruction. They take the peaceful, easygoing breeze and hang right in its path, all for the sake of some shrill noises and clambering around. I was just never a big fan, I guess.

Laughs don’t even need comparing, really. If anything, we should be holding other things up to the standards of laughter; it is much more magical, after all. We all sound different all the time, and any one burst or giggle is going to sound different as it falls on different ears.

The booming laughs are my favorite. They remind me of the stark contrast between humans in love and the quiet of the night around them. The way the sound waves roll off of anything nearby and quietly surrender to death and silence. Deep and raw and unfiltered because there’s no shame in that shade of happiness. There’s nothing in the way of it, and it’s more personal – I like knowing you wouldn’t sound just the same on any windy day.


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