So, are you?

I have many questions, but little time.

What’s your middle name? How much do you love buffalo sauce? Were you serious when you said you like the snow? Will you wear your glasses for me sometime? Who taught you how to make music? Just how tall are you exactly? What’s your favorite day of the week? Do you consider yourself religious? Do you care that I’m not? How do you pronounce caramel? Do you believe in second chances? What was the last movie you saw? When do you like to wake up? Was your hair really blond when you were a kid? Walmart or Meijer? Do you ever go fishing? What is it that you drive again? Is there anything you’d do over given the chance? How old were you the first time you fell in love? Fruits or veggies? If I asked, would you go skydiving with me? What word do you hate the most? Which hockey team did you say you liked? Do I ever make you angry? What’s your favorite pizza topping? What about your favorite song? How do you feel about roller coasters? Do you like taking photographs? When did you last call your mom? Are you caught up on Parks & Rec yet? Do you trust easily? Where do you want to live after this? How do you like your steaks? Have you ever gone camping? DC or Marvel? Salsa or queso? Chevy or Ford? What kind of tattoo do you want? Do you have any heroes? What’s your favorite holiday? Are you a little old-fashioned? How often do you think of me? Does it seem like we’re on the same page? Does it feel like we could make something of this? Are you in if I am?


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