Meet Corona

Between the stress of final exams and the madness of the holidays, I’ve struggled to find time to write like I had been. It’s one thing to squeeze out a poem every few nights, but to actually write a substantial post about my going-ons is another story. Now that I’m on winter break, though, that’s changing. So without any more delay, I’m here to introduce the newest member of my family.

IMG_4952This is Corona. She is 12 weeks old today, and probably feistier than ever before. Corona is a full-blooded, registered Border Collie that I got through a breeder in Ohio. Though still very much a baby, she already knows about 17 tricks and has a remarkably prevalent herding instinct. She’s turned my life inside out in the six weeks since I brought her home.

As many of you know, I’m still an undergrad student, and I live in a house off campus with two other girls and a dog. When I very suddenly broke the news to them that I was on the hunt for a pup, they were surprisingly supportive. I spent hours searching for puppies through individuals, rescues, shelters and even breeder pages on Facebook. The kicker was that I was primarily looking at Great Danes. There were actually three different people I contacted about the gentle giants, but none were quite what I was looking for. I widened my search; I looked for Shorthaired Pointers, Catahoulas, Irish Setters, Aussies, and Border Collies, as well as mixes that resembled any one of them.

It was a Thursday night when I came across Corona and her littermates. Five pups altogether out of a chocolate and white sire and a blue merle dam, but only one that was chocolate merle. And as fate would have it, she was a girl. I waited until the following Monday to contact the breeder and see about coming to visit the puppies. We agreed on noon the next Sunday.

So the first time I held Corona, she was just shy of three weeks old. Her little eyes were barely open, but they were bluer than anything, and she nestled into my neck as I held her. I fell in love in half a heartbeat. So I put down a deposit and drove back to Purdue knowing I’d have more than three weeks to wait before she’d really be mine.FullSizeRender

Flash forward to November 25th. The tiny pup rode home in the arms of my roommate and quickly fell asleep upon arrival. She weighed right around four pounds. The next day, she was roughhousing with my mom’s miniature schnauzer. A week later she played tag with my roommate’s 80 pound lab. And now today, she’s a whopping eleven pounds (almost all legs), and she’s stealing hearts on her very own Instagram page.IMG_5045

I got Corona because the stress of school, work, and everyday life was threatening to eat me alive. A lot of people think that’s a poor reason to take on an animal. I’ve had people lash out and tell me that she’ll run me into the ground, that I won’t be able to handle it and she’ll end up in a shelter. I respectfully, though forcefully, disagree.

This little pup has made me a better person. She motivates me. You know it’s hard to get out of bed to go to class, but if you have to get up early to take the puppy out, that’s a different story. She depends on me; I won’t let her down. Her routine holds me accountable. Her training regimen provides me with a constant string of small, attainable goals. Just yesterday we met one of them when she qualified for her Novice Trick Dog title!

Nothing about taking her in has been a negative thing. Corona is one of the best things to ever happen to me, and she’s here to stay.



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