Resolution #927

Don’t bother saying you’re starting anew
I’m the same old me, you’re the same old you
There’s no sense in pretending that isn’t true
Same places to be, same things to do
Everyone’s running and fireworks boom
I lie in bed and stare at the moon
Same as last night, same as last June
Yeah, I lie in bed and kick myself for thinking of you
And I hate that I wonder if you do too
But you’re around the world, it’s half past noon
My midnight was just your old news
But I swear someday it’ll catch up right out of the blue
You’ll wonder how I am, what I’m up to
I’ll be long gone, same old me with someone new
Shattering every promise I ever made with you
Because you claim you changed into someone new
But the same old me doesn’t believe it’s true


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