You love me, but not enough. Every time we touch, the sparks fly and burn, but not far or bright enough. You say I’m oh so good for you, but – you guessed it – not good enough.

I’m a second choice, a runner-up in every last race for your heart. I’m the girl who mirrors your smile and bursts with pride every time you let your light shine. It’s been this way from the start. You dot our conversations with bests and beautifuls, presence always heavy on my mind.

It’s a wonder we ever clicked at all, but we did and we do. You’re the jagged edged match to my madness, and the pull of my heartbeat, too. I never have caught myself falling out of love with you.

So I hate to say I knew it, but I had to see it coming. I never got a real chance, let alone two. There have been countless girls much prettier, wittier, far more stunning. It hadn’t mattered for so long, but now I’m a wadded up could’ve-been and she’s something fresh and new.

So maybe I’m just a muse then, because I’ll never be enough. I’m a little too free, a little too broken, edges perhaps a little too rough. Just always know I’ll love you harder than you can push me away, harder than I’ve tried to give you up.


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