I’m seldom told that I am beautiful.

I see the beauty in everything around me – the bare trees, the green pennies, every hole in the wall – but not in myself. There’s no light within me, no broken stained glass dancing in my depths. There are no poems whispered and stitched into my soul, no miracles plastered to my name. I’m all too ordinary.

On the rare evening when someone does take a liking to my tattered edges, a bad tastes rises up my throat. They use words that are supposed to fill me up, flood my heart. But instead I find myself suffocated, struggling to tread water at all. And it’s no pretty sight, a girl drowning in her own inhibitions.

So days and years pass me by like taxis speed by the polite in favor of the pushy. I do not fight it anymore. I keep my quiet to myself and write love poems to the other ordinaries. Someone, I decided, should tell them that they’re beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Ordinary

  1. I can relate to this soo much, average people ‘ordinaries’ are not told they are beautiful often enough and its sad because everyone of us has a beauty that we can’t see when we look at ourselves, i see what other don’t see in themselves but when someone tells me something about my self i don’t believe them, i dont believe that they can see that, i think its because sometimes we are so caught up in trying to be ourselves we don’t have time or the ability to see these things or acknowledge and appreciate these things about ourselves. I also understand the feeling of being ordinary being irrelevant to the 7 billion people on this planet it gets me down a bit to think that within the years to come i will be nothing just another soul passed away and forgotten remembered by no one but to know that there a people who feel this way helps me find comfort because even though im so basically average at least there a people out there if only a few who know how i feel! i may have interpreted this differently than you anticipated but either way it still really touched me! :)

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I’m so glad this evoked a response in you, and it’s great that not quite the same mix of emotions I felt in creating it. Interpretation is what’s so wonderful about writing and blogging. :) Feeling significant when we’re each just one among billions is probably one of the toughest things we face. I’ve recently decided to do what I can to give ordinary people moments to feel extraordinary to combat this in a small way.

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