If my mother knew that I still sit in bed all day wearing only lacy underwear and lumberjack plaid, she’d only shake her head. The child never knew she healed, she’d sigh. She likes to tell me I’m a human cast.

I’m a shield though! I want to scream, I’m here to protect you too. You’re better than me and I fight for you first.

The last she knew, I was a barista in some independent indie coffee shop. I was dating a grad student named Bryan. I was doing everything just right. It was the best I’d ever been. Or so she thought. What I never told my mother, or anyone for that matter, is that the smell of coffee makes me nauseous and the name Bryan sounded terrible rolling off my tongue. She was just so happy for me. How could I deny her that?

The truth, flannel and having only Ben & Jerry as company, isn’t what she always hoped for. She wants the best for me. She wants a fairytale ending for a mediocre girl, and I don’t have the heart to tell her fate denies requests like that.


2 thoughts on “Cast/Shield

  1. the truth is, fate will let you have that fairy tale ending.. the hard part is believe enough in yourself t that you want it soooo badly that the universe has no choice but to grant you that wish… just sayin.. when it is time, the universe will send you who/what you need. just keep believing.

    love your writing by the way..

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