Ten reasons I can’t sleep at night

  1. I’m constantly thinking of other places I should be and people I should talk to.
  2. My bones protest everything I do.
  3. Caffeine.
  4. Stars are distracting.
  5. Restlessness.
  6. I’m always too cold to fall asleep peacefully.
  7. Traffic is so much closer than I’m used to.
  8. Music.
  9. There’s too much to worry about, and I simply don’t have time in the daylight.
  10. I can’t get someone off my mind.

4 thoughts on “Ten reasons I can’t sleep at night

  1. Reason 9: there are many things to worry about, but at the end of the day, if you couldnt fix it today, let it go. Youll have another chance to take a whack at it again tomorrow.
    Reason 10: then give that person a call. Send a txt. It wont go away until you addess it. Affairs of the heart are hard to turn off.. Affairs of the mind are much easier to deal with.

    1. Hey thanks. It seems like this is stuff everyone has heard and knows to do, but sometimes we forget and it takes hearing (reading) it again for anything to take hold. I appreciate it.

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