Happiness II

Reconnecting with an old friend; grilled watermelon; picture frames; alpacas; having bagels for breakfast; ampersands; american flag shoelaces; The Sandlot; tandem bicycles; not being able to hear traffic from my bedroom at night; tie dye t-shirts; singing along with the radio at work; Hemingway; clotheslines; photos of city lights; stargazing in a pickup truck; finding clothes on sale and in my size; football jerseys; proposals caught on film; fizzy water; natural lighting; listening to someone else recite your own poetry; Whataburger; perfect eyeliner in one try; Parks & Rec; new technology; hugs hello; tattoos; letting goats climb all over me; buying a new pair of Nikes; symbolism; vintage guns; fishing; puka shells; dressing up for Halloween; waterfalls; cupcake liners; skylines; pirate names; What’s Your Number; stretching before bed; emojis; freckles; linen closets; fresh-cut grass; headlight dancing; guitar picks; going on picnics; cracking my joints; jersey calves; charcoal gray; Magic 8 Balls; pocket watches; spending a weekend alone; flying; spiral staircases; zoos; retrieving the mail; writing characters; sidewalk chalk.


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