We’re so hit or miss it’s not even funny
I’m struggling to keep up; I don’t know what to think
I know it’s not love, sure as hell ain’t about money
But damn it, it’s something; we’re right on the brink

Once I said, hey maybe, you know why not
But then I didn’t want to risk it all
So we just stay as we are, a spark that only kinda caught
Unsure whether we’re gonna fly or fall

Talking right to midnight and nothing’s out of bounds
Never been the kind to shy in the darkness
Every laugh is a game, a couple of beautiful sounds
We’re a mess, but I love it regardless

People stop by and probably think we’re a thing
But their stares always go unnoticed
Cause you’re playing my songs to get me to sing
Like you want me, but I don’t even know it

Still all hit or miss, yet you stay on my mind
And I’m too tired to pretend I don’t know it
You’ll be the keeper I lose, that one-of-a-kind
Cause when something’s good, I always blow it


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