Concert Review: Platinum Tour 2014

A week ago, I took a very unexpected trip back to Noblesville to experience Miranda’s Lambert’s Platinum Tour. While this show had been on my watch list early in the season, it ultimately got cut to make funds for better seats at Dierks Bentley later this fall. So I’d all but forgotten about Platinum until two days prior. Interestingly, I’d also forgotten about a contest I’d entered through Thomas Rhett’s fan club. Imagine my surprise when I got off work on Thursday to discover that I’d won Meet & Greet passes in said contest.

I almost passed on them, seeing as how they were ticket-less and I didn’t quite have the $75 for tickets and gasoline. But I decided to sleep on it, and I somehow lost my responsible attitude overnight and found myself ordering tickets over lunch on Friday. We were Klipsch-bound once again a day later.

First things first, we arrived a little late, but managed to make it through the gates in time for our meet and greet. The crew explained the process, which was heartbreakingly streamlined. But then TR appeared and brought me to my knees with his voice alone. Rhett has yet to release a song to radio that hasn’t impressed me. That, and he’s a 90’s kid like me, which makes me feel slightly more like an adult. Anyway, we got photos and a hug, and were sent on our way. Like I said, it was quick, but overall worthwhile.

This show marked my first time in actual seats at the venue. I’m a huge fan of parties on the lawn, but with threatening rain, we opted for spots at the back of the upper pavilion. For the same price, it wasn’t a difficult choice. Finally, things got started when Thomas Rhett took the stage. He opened with his monster hit from last year, “Get Me Some of That,” followed by his latest single “Make Me Wanna,” which features a throwback vibe older than the singer himself. He also performed well-known slower songs such as “Beer With Jesus” and “It Goes Like This,” before launching into his own version of “Parking Lot Party,” on which he was a writer. Rhett also showcased his impressive dance moves, banter with the audience, and lively stage presence on a rowdy Saturday night.

Next up was the reigning ACM New Artist of the Year, Justin Moore. And while Moore isn’t exactly all that new to country music, he fit very well into his performance slot. “Point At You” was the starting point to a set that was filled with steady energy and absolutely no downtime. One unique experience was Justin’s cover of Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home,” which he made very interactive. Other fan favorites like “Bait a Hook,” “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” and even “Small Town Throwdown” with Rhett were on the setlist for the night. Overall, Justin Moore brought a more traditional taste to the stage with his blue jeans and enormous cowboy hat. I was pleasantly surprised.

And finally, Miranda was up to bat. Oddly, things began with the video for “Something Bad,” a song that I could like more had she chosen a different duet partner, but without any live performance. The video played to completion before the actual set began. Regardless, when she did finally take the stage, the crowd went absolutely wild. While I’ve always enjoyed Miranda’s music, she was never someone whose albums I bought on release day or anything. These people were true fans, which was great because the environment can easily make or break a show. Anyway, Lambert played for about two hours, and I was impressed for about 70% of it. Her classics like “Kerosene,” “Me and Charlie Talking,” and the legendary “The House That Built Me” were so much fun to hear live. However, in my opinion, she may have played a few too many new songs. At first, I thought it was just me, but the energy of the crowd proved otherwise: her new songs forced us to stop singing along, and we lost momentum. That’s not to say that I dislike the new music, but I think limiting it is crucial for live shows like this. We all had a much better time with “White Liar,” “Mama’s Broken Heart,” and “Fastest Girl In Town.” Even the heartbreaking ballad “Over You,” had the crowd livelier than the unknowns from the album Platinum.

I still think Miranda Lambert is a complete badass and a great attribute in the industry, Justin Moore has talent and a lasting quality about his music, and Thomas Rhett is ushering in a new generation. But would I pay full price to see this show again this summer? Bottom line, no. I had a good time, but there are other tours out this year that I think would better fit my personal tastes. If you’ve been a part of a Platinum crowd this year, what were your thoughts?


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