Have You Ever? Why, I’d Never

Have you ever wanted to learn someone inside and out?

Have you ever shown your scars to anyone other than the girl trapped in the mirror?

Have you ever kissed a boy right behind his ear, right where his neck meets his skull?

Have you ever tried to ride your bicycle backwards?

Have you ever cut your jeans too short, but gone on to wear them anyway?

Have you ever quit a job because you wanted to sleep in just the one time?

Have you ever posed for photos while surrounded by sunflowers?

Have you ever felt the burn of mountain air in your lungs?

Have you ever been with someone who made you want to always wear a helmet?

Have you ever eaten lunch on the patio and wished that the sun would turn blue?

Have you ever written a letter to the lone bare tree that stands outside your window?

Have you ever justified a miracle because you wanted to have the magic?

Have you ever collected only the broken seashells?

Have you ever burned the whole frame when turning the picture over would do?

Have you ever left lipstick on a coffee cup because it looked like poetry?

Have you ever wondered what’s on my mind?


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