So, I jumped out of an airplane

dive1Nothing will ever compare to the free fall. Tumbling through space and sky and clouds at 120 mph doesn’t leave much room for thinking. All you know is what you feel in those marvelous sixty seconds before they pull the chute. For me, there really aren’t words for that feeling. It was so much more than incredible and something I would absolutely do again. It was trusting a stranger to get me back to Earth safely and not having a single doubt in my mind that he would. It was freezing my butt off because I was too stubborn to wear a jumpsuit and not regretting it one bit because the pictures turned out incredible. And now it’s the stories I get to tell. It’s watching the expressions of those who hear about the jump from my own unique perspective. It’s laughing every time my mother shakes her head at me, thinking I might be a little too fearless. It ended up being so much more than just skydiving. It was a bucket list item, but it showed me a new face of exhilaration. Diving through the atmosphere to what should have been imminent death, but wasn’t. Soaring, falling, flying like I wasn’t human at all. It was not having to fight the gravity to really feel alive.


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