When did you stop believing in Santa Claus? Is that also when you first questioned God? How many times have you had x-rays taken? Was your favorite color ever red? Do you think we should give in and come up with a new name for football so the rest of the world will shut up about it already? What’s the worst part of trail mix? Have you ever regretted taking a personal day? Do you kiss your pets? Can I use your middle name when it’s just the two of  us talking? How are you with a fishing pole? I’m wearing a hat; do you prefer it backwards or no? Just where would you guess the grass is greener? Do you still think it’s weird that I hate even numbers? If you had to choose, would you give up books or photographs? Why is underwear considered sexy even when no one’s wearing it? There’s a fork in the road – are we going left or right? When was the last time you collected seashells? What’s your favorite cheese? Crunchy peanut butter or smooth? If you were colorblind to everything but people, what color would you see me in? Are humans doing more harm than good? What’s your go-to dance move? Will you show it to me? How much change is in your pocket right now? Do you ask for receipts? Can I exchange my broken heart for a new one? Was your favorite color ever red? Oh, did I already ask you that? Did you see my cheeks flush this time? Will you be the one to break me a second time? If I told you I loved you, what would that mean? If I still wanted to run, would you follow?


3 thoughts on “Wonderings

  1. I would never break u the first time. If you told me you loved me, that would mean that you would be willing to meet me half way in all things, just so that we would always be together in whatever we do. I would let you run, because if you truly loved someone, you would set them free.. If they come back, they are yours.. If not, then at least i would know that you are happy wherever you are.

    Just sayin

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