Kitchen Sink

Flinching at water drops and hurling sighs to the wind outside the door

Tired eyes glazed over in a cloudy daze

Tears ran out and dried up before the spring showers ever arrived

And now she’s empty

You called once to check in and once for a favor

She couldn’t answer because of the fury

The fury fueled by the dripping faucet in the kitchen

That god awful sound of water drops falling from metal to ceramic

She was an all-in type of person, so when it rained it stormed

But this wasn’t even a drizzle

The drops wore a path, tiny but treacherous, and they yellowed the sink

Stained it just like the little things that had always gotten to her

The drops were problems screaming in perfect time, reminding her again and again

That she had no real power


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Sink

  1. I love your writing, its so gripping and emotional. I just did a piece of writing and I need peoples opinion on it as its for a competition. Its called Hostages on my blog
    I would appreciate it, if you could have a look! ☺

  2. Hiya again! Thank you for fixing my story its much appreciated. Don’t worry about all the criticism, I needed someone to show me ☺ If you ever want to highlight something again, it will be my pleasure to give you my future stories. ☺

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