My Wasted Summer

Longing and loneliness aren’t new to me. I’ve spent seasons by myself with the sunshine as my only company. I’m not bothered to say that I didn’t mind it. But I must admit it kinda stung when you returned and left me blinded.

There’s a song hidden somewhere leading up to goodbye. The should’ve seen it coming and the dying fire in your eyes. There’s poetry in losing and lessons in what’s next. We conquered something new, be it love or be it sex.

The hours I spent waiting were long ones. Family thought it might be foolish, others said I was too young. But the sun stayed friendly and shone on promise. Light forgives flaws so long as we’re honest.

Nothing ever ends without wonder or doubt. We walk around like we’re certain, but hide under the clouds. We waited around because we didn’t know what else to do. But as long as we’re honest, it was time well wasted for you.


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