Best of 2013

2013 has been absolutely beautiful to me. Not always kind and certainly not perfect, but still so incredibly good. I’m an entirely different person now that I was this time last year.

It’s a typical New Year’s Eve in the life of Taylor. Since I’m home from school for the holidays, I don’t have a thing to do tonight. Maybe that’s sad to some, but I’m perfectly content not to be partying. Anyway, here I am sitting on the couch in our living room that no one really uses and typing up something I hope will be worth publishing. Between sentences, I pull index cards out of an old pickle jar. On each card is a date and a memory.

Yeah, I did that thing. Every time something really awesome or significant happened this year, I wrote it down on a card and put it in the jar to be sorted through tonight. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have done this. In a way, it’s humbling to look back and see all the little things that made me smile in past 365 days. It’s very hard to choose, but want to share some of my favorites.

January 3rd – “Met up with the old Phoenix crew for dinner! I love how the four of us can sit and have intelligent conversation for hours on end about anything in the world. Can’t wait to do it again!”

January 30th – “Went to the Purdue vs. IU game with Natalie and Marissa. We definitely lost…but the energy in Mackey was still incredible.”

February 22nd – “BOUGHT KENNY TICKETS!!”

March 19th – “I finally got to meet Jake in bio lecture! So nervous and excited and just…ahhhhhhh! Fingers crossed about where this goes.”

May 2nd – “Finished my last two finals, which officially ended my first year at Purdue! I also got moved out of MCUT 421 and I’m never looking back hahaha.”

May 5th – “I started my blog today.”

May 10th – “I got my baby goat!! (: We got him and Gunner in Hartford City. And they’re precious.”

June 7th – “I have a step-dad now.”

August 14th – “Reunited and it feels so good! <3”

October 3rd – “I MET THE BRETT ELDREDGE!! We hugged and talked and he told me I have soft hands. <3”

November 14th – “Offered the job at Boiler Junction!! I’m employed!”

December 8th – “Talked with Tyler.”

December 13th – “Bought tickets and Meet & Greets for Brett in March with Emma!! So so so very excited (: Maybe he’ll remember me… <3”

December 31st – “Bought plane tickets to San Antonio for spring break 2014!!!!”

I wish everyone the best time tonight and onward into the new year. It’s going to be a good one. We’ll kiss these days goodbye, keep the memories tucked somewhere safe, and carry on to new and better things. And as a side note, I highly encourage y’all to write down your happenings in 2014. We all deserve a healthy dose of nostalgia every once in a while.


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