Absence & Tattered Pride

We dance around a new hello, much more cautious this time than last.

But just like before, no one actually says hello.

We share glimpses of our lives without one another.

Brief moments that scream, “Look, I’ve moved on!”

I wonder if you second-guess our ending.

I wonder if you ever want to try it again.

I hate to think that we could’ve done it so much better, but didn’t.

Time was never wasted, but still, we’ll never get it back.

Now we share these glimpses in place of kisses.

Now I never even bother to look for you on the street.

It’s just the occasional photos that keep us tied.

Things to show you that I’m okay, and things that I know you’ll like.

Sometimes, I just want to show you that I miss you.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you seem to be saying the same.

Surely, it would be best to address this.

But we’re too stubborn.

How can we say “I miss you,” when we can’t even say hello?


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